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We are a financial solutions company dedicated to the renewable energy industry

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Solutions for renewable energy projects which focus on Photovoltaic and solar thermal.

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Growing and financing the renewable energy market

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About Us

RE3 Capital is a specialty financing company. We provide debt and equity solutions for renewable energy projects with a focus on photovoltaic and solar thermal


People, Planet and Process

Our name - renewable energy cubed - encompasses our commitment to the triple bottom line – people, planet, profit. Our financing niche are renewable energy projects that increase energy efficiency, provide cleaner energy sources, positively impact the environment and make a positive cash flow solution for host customers.


We focus on renewable projects that have high quality credit obligors, fully contracted revenue streams and inherent economic value to the host. Typical obligors include schools, non–profits, government, high–credit quality institutions and customers who benefit by saving money through lower energy bills or through access to modern clean energy infrastructure.

Financial Solutions

Our financing solutions limit the clients out of pocket while utilizing operating expenses that benefit everyone involved from a “trickle down economics” vantage point. Building long term business relationships with these companies, With a vast portfolio of successful projects and a portfolio of reputable clients who benefit from savings, long term fixed energy rates and dedicated support.


Our vision has always been to create aggressive financing solutions that benefit all parties involved. Mutual benefit is a requirement for RE3 Capital to funding all renewable projects. While funding renewable project that support the triple bottom line, we open avenues for “Going Green” that may not have been a reality without an RE3 financing model.

Target Market

RE3 targets entities that benefit the most from creative financing solutions including but not limited to; Non-Profits, Churches, Schools, Colleges, Municipalities, and for–profit business that can benefit from renewable energy financing to help support the triple bottom line.


We specialize in investments for income property investors, leasing companies, C corporations and more.

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When blue collar meets white collar in the renewable energy business you get "green collar". Contact us today to learn more about how RE3 Capital can exceed your expectations.

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Learn why investors from all industries, all across the globe are joining the movement to investing with a purpose. Our dedicated team sources and qualifies high quality renewable investments.

Renewable income assets with associated tax credits are no longer just for the upper echelon.

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